'Abbey Rich' is a small, independent clothing label creating limited edition, handprinted and handmade clothing.  

We create handmade, made to order clothing in our North Melbourne studio // everything from design, to toiling, printing, sewing and packaging is all done within the walls of our beautiful space. 

The process is important to us for two main reasons; we want to make a smaller negative impact upon the world - knowing the supply chain is as ethical and as minimally damaging as possible. The other is that we love the process and are pretty in love with making handmade, ethical and unique products! 

Made to order produces less waste and we hope the buyer feels a connection to their garment knowing it was made just for them with love and hard work. 

Designer, Abbey Rich was studying a BA Textile Design and decided to branch out into clothing design and production as a means of manifesting her print designs into something wearable.  With the help of Laura Clark a beautifully talented fashion designer and dressmaker. 

Launching in December of 2015 we've seen our brand grow and gain interest quite quickly and now we are lucky enough to be sending work out all over the world! 

I so love collaborating with other creative people so shoot me an email if you have any ideas in mind ! abbey@abbeyrich.com